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RRC Invisible Wiper KIT

  • Invisible wiper is a two-component system that is designed to impregnate glass surfaces and forms a hydrophobic coating.
RRC Invisible Wiper KIT
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RRC Invisible Wiper KIT
RRC Invisible Wiper KIT


Invisible wiper is a two-component system that is designed to impregnate glass surfaces and  forms a hydrophobic coating. When driving in rain, the drops "slide" off the glass, which significantly improves visibility. In the winter, the coating reduces frost formation on glass. This system consists of the glass surface activator and the "Invisible Wiper" itself.

Product features:

Two component system for applying to car windscreens

Creates a coating with hydrophobic properties that effectively repels water

At around 50 km/h, water/rain begins to roll off the windscreen and this effect becomes increasingly noticeable at higher speeds, thus reducing or replacing the need for windscreen wipers

This protective layer can stay on the windscreen for several months

Reduces the amount of dirt deposits on the glass

Improves visibility

Safe for the intended surfaces when used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

Set contains: Activator 150 ml, Invisible Wiper 150 ml, 2x applicators.

Instruction for use:

Clean the glass thoroughly.

Remove any mineral deposits/water spots using RRC “WSR Liquid, or RRC “WSR Gel”. Lastly, degrease the glass with RRC “IPA”.

Apply the “Activator” with the provided applicator pad to the entire surface to be treated and remove the residue with a clean towel. If the “Activator” is sticky when removing, dampen the towel slightly and wipe the surface clean.

With the help of the second applicator, rub the ”Invisible Wiper” on the surface of the glass first horizontally and then vertically to ensure even coverage.

After applying the product, use a heat source (infrared heater, heat gun, hair dryer) to thoroughly evaporate the excess solvents and then polish the glass to remove any excess product. In order to achieve the maximum effect and durability of IW, repeat the application of the wiper (without activator) and use heat source. Make sure that the surface is completely dry before polishing.

For best results apply the product at a temperature above 15 °C.


Ready to use, do not dilute.

Do not apply to the inside the vehicle.

Store in a cool, dry place at 5 – 25 °C.

Before applying, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch, do not use in direct sunlight.

The durability of the ”Invisible Wiper” (up to a year or 20,000 km) depends on such factors as: proper application, physical abrasion on the glass, wiper use frequency, type and quality of  windscreen washer fluid.

If you cannot work at temperatures above 15 °C, the invisible wiper can be left (before polishing) on the windscreen for longer periods of time e. g. overnight.

If applying RRC “Invisible Wiper” to more than 1 vehicle, we recommend purchasing additional applicators, as the set will become unusable after the first use.

Keep out of reach of children.

This product is for professional use.


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Glass and mirrors
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